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"I have never encountered anything quite like David's approach. It provides an unparalleled means for personal and artistic growth through techniques that neutralize much of the psycophysical baggage that we all carry with us."
Stephen Novelli -Associate Artistic Director and Actor at The People's Light & Theater Co., Pennsylvania.

"David works not only with the whole person, but also with the whole art form, the ebb and flow, the tension and release of any human/ensemble interaction. The physical work we did not only gave us a better understanding of how to develop a more natural relationship with our instruments, but also released ' body memories', which translated into powerful expressive tools. As the person responsible for Orchestral Studies at Wilfred Laurier University, I wish we were able to offer all our students at least an introduction to this type of work. It is, to my knowledge, not available at any institution in Canada."
Paul Pulford - Cellist of the Penderecki Quartet and Blue Rider Ensemble, and Director of Orchestral Studies at Wilfred Laurier University.

"I quickly developed absolute trust in David's approach to performance training. I think that the greatest value of his approach to learning lies in the fact that it is a process based on self acceptance and assessment rather than judgment and self manipulation. The work is discriminating and involves a high level of discipline. It is a ' friendly' discipline though, that serves to help liberate the spontaneous, create self. I have gained greater freedom on my instrument and my approach to practice, teaching, and reading music has become much more expansive and imaginative."
Sophie Reshaw - Violist, Freelance performer, Teacher, and former violist of the Orford String to Quartet.

" Through my work with David at Fantastic Space Enterprises I received such awareness of my own sources. The teaching has catapulted me into higher dynasty's of understanding and has been my final preparation for my debut with the Cirque du Soleil. My eyes, my body, my mind, are now open to the greatest source of information and inspiration.... Me!"
Sheinagh Anderson - Singer /Actor /Dancer/Clown /Member of Cirque du Soleil

"Working with my Clown has connected me with a powerful inner ally who helps me to trans-mute my fear into a powerful, liberating, creative asset. Through all my extensive education I have never attended a course that I enjoyed as much and rarely have I learned as much in the limited time span."
Peter Frey - Visual Artist / Musician / Philosopher

"I was continuously surprised. Every class was a delight. I have never experienced a more personal, powerful and pervasive course. It has significantly impacted how I am in my personal, my professional, and my social life."
Barry Davison - Certified Advanced Rolfer / Registered Massage Therapist / Psychsomatic Educator

"I feel like I finally started processing what I went to school for 4 years to learn."
Lynn Teo


"David is dynamic and intuitive in a way that only a master teacher can be. His enthusiasm for and his scholarly knowledge of his subject goes deeply into psychoanalytic theory as well as the history, theory, and performance of Clowning and Masks. His organization is flawless, organic, and time tested. He is an open, humane, and accomplished facilitator." Penelope Stella - Associate Director of the Studio Theatre Program at Simon Fraser University / Actress / Clown

"I've always had a glitch about performing. Since the Clown course I now have the courage and ease to stand up and perform. I have found my voice and connected with my "playfulness" I'd forgotten since childhood. My system came alive!"
Bridgette Cowie - Artist / Yoga Instructor

"I like the structure of the courses and the learning environment created. What a wonderful and safe place to develop one's creativity. I wish that many, many more people could take advantage of the rich opportunities offered at Fantastic Space Enterprises."
Christina Knittle -

"I benefitted so much from the work and I am so grateful for it. What the course offered came to me at exactly the right time in my life. ' Re- Learning, and Re-Membering' to access such a wonderful natural source in me has, and will, help me in so many ways. So far it seems to be dissolving my anxieties and blockages, and helps me to respond more appropriately and naturally in everyday life and in my acting. Each day I become more aware and notice changes; increased cheerfulness, serenity, confidence, and concentration, which has really helped me in my acting and relationships. I'm so happy for this new awareness! I feel like my soul has been cracked open and its expression has been flowing in me, finally allowed to just BE! I look forward to experiencing continued benefits."
Diane Freisen -

" I am very thankful to be given more room for self discovery. I believe David is a vital teacher for those souls experiencing a human incarnation. He has helped me find permission to expand within myself and allow expression that I usually do not allow to come out. David has such a gentle, present energy that gives the student the ability to reach a relaxed state needed to take those risks that might not otherwise be taken. Thanks for affirming that we are free to express."
Campbell Massie -

"The Clown and Core Conditioning work has been deeply inspiring to me. There are very few instructors that integrate mind, body, and spirit into their work so well. Coming across such instructors is like finding a jewel or seeing a river that you had been swimming in without really knowing you were there. Seeing that river now changes my whole life. David is one of those rare souls that live life through essence and I feel honored to have been one of his students."
Nzula Ciato

"Transformational! These courses reignite appreciation for the full potential of every moment. Silliness and hysterical laughter every class. I learned so much about myself. Emotions I would never let myself feel before. By acknowledging them and releasing them I have allowed myself to feel lighter and yet more grounded in simplicity. Learning to play in 'Delight' again, the chance to really let myself be free and take that knowledge into my performance as well as living a more dynamic everyday life. I highly recommend David's classes to anyone willing to change. David's teaching is a service to humanity. Really."
Maggie Blue O'Hara


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