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Admission and
Registration Requirements
Admissions Policy and Procedures

Admission to programs of study at Fantastic Space Enterprises are by interview with David MacMurray Smith, Founder /Director of Fantastic Space Enterprises.


The ideal candidate will display; a clear desire to work / self-determination / personal responsibility / emotional maturity / a willingness to prepare themselves to be part of creating an atmosphere of open mindedness, respect, and generosity in support of their work and the work of others in the course / and the clear understanding that the programs offered are for both personal and professional development.


Fantastic Space Enterprises Registration Procedure

Upon acceptance into a program of study the applicant will then be required to pay a one time, non-refundable application/registration fee of $50.00 and complete the contract/registration agreement which includes a 20% advance partial payment of the fee for the program they're applying to participate in.

The contract/registration agreement consists of an enrollment contract between Fantastic Space Enterprises and the participant which includes a liability agreement and details the financial commitments, payment plan, and refund policies.

Two copies of the enrollment contract are filled out one is retained by the participant and one by Fantastic Space Enterprises.


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