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Source & Performance Workroom

Vitalize Your Performance

This class will focus on developing the quality of the connection between the performer and their audience and between the performer and the sources they use to bring their work to life on the stage.

"Sources" being places and ways that a performer obtains their inspiration, imagination, and emotional connections for their performance.

The primary principles of sourcing will be introduced as well as different techniques of sourcing that can be utilized. The basic performer/audience relationship will be practiced with special attention on increasing the ability to be honest and present in the moment and aware of the "Living Conversation" with the audience.

Then each participant will be guided in the application of source in performance through a short performance event of their own choosing.
The Source and Performance Workroom session will be made up of ten classes and each participant is required to commit themselves to the full session of ten classes.

It is open to all types of performers; actors, singers, musicians, dancers, storytellers, etc.

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