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Emotional Embodiment - Beyond Personal Drama

The focus of this workshop intensive is to learn the value of flexing the primal emotional muscles we were borne with and actively explore the deep emotional intelligence resident there.

The intention is to develop tools and perspectives that can reduce stress caused by the holding of emotional charges in the body and to redistribute the energy released into new possibilities for self realization, self expression, and communication with others.

What will be done?

Body centered techniques using bio-kinetics and breath release will be employed in helping us to discern the difference between our simple, primal, in-borne ability to respond emotionally and the patterns of emotional response created by our own personal history. The relationship between free flowing impulse/intuition and technical articulation will be explored to increase our skill at listening and observing with the body's senses and develop fuller understanding of how to facilitate the fluency, resilience, presence, versatility, and precision that is resident within us to benefit both are life and our work.

What are the benefits?

By increasing our understanding of the psycho-emotional processes that take place in the physical expression of emotions, we can begin to free ourselves from unhealthy patterns of "Personal Drama" where we over inflate the significance of an event and create unnecessary emotional stress. In this way we can bring into conscious practice the skills we used naturally when we were an infant to stay energetically balanced. Namely, the ability to allow free flowing emotional impulse expression with full body commitment for the time those charges are present and to fully relax the charge when it is complete allowing the system to fulfill a dynamically balanced state of being.

Who is this work for?

This work was developed for actors for use in their dramatic work yet is accessible to any mature individual who wishes to expand the freedom of their emotional expression and become more at ease with their physical expression of it.

It is necessary for participants to understand that this process asks them to be self motivated to mindfully extend to the edges of their present understanding of themselves and beyond. While the work is mentally, emotionally, and physically rigorous it does not require any particular previous training and is open to everyone who has a mature desire and commitment.


This approach was developed to allow actors to consciously condition the core elements of their human nature and their ability to work with powerful emotions with psychological security and physical clarity. When an actor can discriminate between their own personal emotional history and their basic human ability to respond, they are then capable of being more present and available to respond within the given circumstances of the characters they portray with honesty and commitment.

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