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Core Conditioning: Liberate & Strengthen the Primal Core of Your Creative Nature

The Biggest Influences Effecting the Quality Of Your Performance Lie Within Yourself. Your Study Begins There.

Cultivate your personal presence and get re-acquainted with your primal powers of creative expression through this mindful, physical study of human behavior.

This unique course explores some of the foundational frameworks of human behavior through physical exercises that reveal how you embody your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in physical form. It is an in depth, body centered study in the sourcing and facilitation of impulse, emotion, and imagination.

It offers excellent opportunities to discover , and extend beyond, personal boundaries which inhibit your physical, emotional, and creative freedom.

What's at the Primal the Core of our Creative Nature?
At the primal core of our creative nature are the basic skills we were born with to survive, evolve, and develop consciousness. These consist of our ability to feel emotion, perceive and remember experiences, think, imaginatively speculate, and take action. They work together for us moment to moment in a creative way to determine what action to take in the face of opportunity or jeopardy.

How do I Cultivate Personal Presence?
By liberating these basic skills in expression and strengthening our facility with them, we become more multi-dimensionally aware and more confident in our willingness to be seen by others in self expression.

Who benefits from this work?
People who are interested in promoting self realization and transformation and relieving stresses that inhibits self expression. Anyone interested in increasing the accessibility and articulation of their intuition. Those wishing to reach beyond the boundaries of what they know and practice being at the cutting edge of their own consciousness. Creative, adventurous, and curious people from all backgrounds. People who have benefitted are; artists, actors, dancers, singers, therapists, musicians, lawyers, electrician's, doctors, writers,... maybe you?

What is the course like?
Each day begins with contact and check-in amongst the members of the group and then proceeds with physical exercises to warm up and connect more fully with ourselves and each other. Bio kinetic exercises are taught that help allow the body to "speak its own mind", giving us the opportunity to study free impulse response and unwind static tension held in the muscles. That study is extended to the diaphragm where breath release is practiced to develop confidence and fluency with emotional expression.

These foundations are combined in the exploration of how emotional connections are made and imagination inspired as we move and articulate our bodies in space. A form of Ball Play, the passing of large air filled balls amongst each other, is practiced to help us more clearly discern the difference between facilitating an impulse and manipulating it, and to gain a deeper understanding of our patterns of giving and receiving.

All the exercises are designed to increase our ability to flow with our inspiration with increased articulation and consciousness; physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

As the course progresses we practice bringing our stream of consciousness into a river of full body expression. We explore bringing the dream like freedom of our imagination into a continuous flow of physical, emotional, and imaginative expression. This is used as a vehicle for self discovery and self realization, and also offers an excellent way to open pathways into our deeper creative sources which is a special value to performing artists.

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