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What are Bio-Kinetics ?

Basically Bio-Kinetics is a way of connecting with the resident biological energy of our body and allowing it to move itself. Letting it "speak its own mind" and unwind to release into action static tension charges that can be held in our muscles. It follows in the tradition of body mind awareness begun by Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th-century and is in alignment with the bio-energetic principals in the work of Alexander Lowen. The principles of charge, discharge, flow and movement are the foundation of the bio-kinetic exploration.

My perspective is that we, as humans, embody an amazing phenomenon of being "memory in motion" as does all life on earth. The fact that we are conscious of our memory sets us apart from other life forms on the planet in that we can consciously effect how we relate to our memory.

Our bodies are representative of all our memories; evolutionary, species specific, racially specific, culturally specific, family specific, and personal experience specific. All of these memories exist within our bodies and are continually referenced for information as we respond to the world around us.

Bio -Kinetics is a foundation for releasing stress that can be built up in the body when we keep repeating patterns of response that lock our muscles into a continuous effort of holding onto a charge without the benefit of renewal brought to the physical body by the flux between contraction, extension, and release in the system.

What does it entail?

The work entails clear thought and focused, slow movement in both an active and passive manner that allows us to connect with, massage, and release the message systems between the brain and the body. This helps us to understand the principal of Dynamic Relaxation and become more economical with how we use our energy in our body. Once we connect with the energy of the body we can begin to become a facilitator for how we direct the frequency, amplitude, placement, and use of it in our movements and in the maintenance of a flowing system.

What are the benefits?

As mentioned above, the relief of stress on many levels can be gained with the use of Bio-Kinetics; physical, emotional, and psychological. In the process the neuromuscular synapse response connection is exercised at speeds that increase our reflex response ability in ways that traditional physical exercise cannot.

Who is it recommended for?

This is beneficial for anyone who wants to be "on their toes" in relation to what they do; athletes, musicians, performers, educators, and professionals. It increases energy resources and helps to relax resistance that can consistently wear our system down at a very foundational level. The work is open to mature individuals of all ages who wish to get in touch with their body's ability to think an increase their relationship with it. There's no special experience required, just an inquiring and open mind.

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